Why Therapy?

“Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending.”

We have all entered this world without an instruction manual. As children, we look to others to decide who we are and at the mercy of our experiences, we either learn to trust or to question; we either learn to discover and create or to halt and feel lost; we either learn to lead our lives or to follow in others’ footsteps. As adolescents, we hastily put together pieces of our identity to use as an amateur map in order to rush to our future, hoping to realize an ever-changing blurry image of our dreams. As adults, pressured by the constraints of time and expectations of society, we keep busy, always moving, trying our best to fulfill the roles we have chosen or have been given to perform in the drama of our lives, rarely stopping to wonder: “Am I where I want to be in my life?”

Visualize your being (mind and body) as a house, a house with a foundation built in childhood and adolescence, long before you had the power to choose whether to use concrete, stone, or brick.

How do you envision your house? Is your house a cardboard box or a mansion? Does your house cultivate flowers or worms? Do you take responsibility for your house or you’re still waiting for someone to come and complete it?

What is at the foundation of your house? Is your house built on water, swayed with every wave or grounded on earth, solidly centered? Is your house thin and fragile, constantly afraid of a storm that can destroy it or strong and sturdy, not being shuffled by fears?

Your emotions are the paints on the walls of your house. Do you allow events and people to choose the colors on your walls by holding on to anger, anxiety, or depression?

Your thoughts are what you keep inside your house. How do you choose to decorate your house? Remember, you have been given the power to choose your thoughts at every moment. Are your furniture comfortable, uplifting, flexible and where you want them to be? Do you clean your house often and get rid of old furniture, beliefs and thoughts that only limit you or you have allowed layers of dirt and dust to build inside?

What is your relationship with the outside? Who do you invite in your house? Are you open and inviting or rarely allow someone inside? Do you protect your house or allow others to come and destroy what is precious to you inside?

I see therapy as a unique opportunity to take a look at your house, to choose to rebuild from foundation, remodel, or make changes that will bring more authenticity and fulfillment in your life.

*Above quote from Maria Robinson