My Philosophy

I understand that therapy demands your time, money, and energy and I genuinely value your investment. I believe in maximizing your time in therapy and collaborate with you in clarifying and establishing your goals from the beginning in order to utilize every session to get you one step closer to where you want to be in your life. I am passionate about my work and believe in the power of therapy in creating the results you wish to see in your life.

I consider confidentiality the foundation of the relationship between the therapist and the client and uphold strict standards to ensure that your participation in therapy with me and every word uttered in the context of therapy stays confidential.

I have a deep and thorough understanding of different psychological theories and techniques and I utilize cutting-edge research in different areas of psychology to address the issues my clients are facing in their lives. I consider therapy an art with its roots in science. I offer a highly individualized treatment plan tailored to guide you in ways that would only maximize your potential in life.

In therapy with me, you have a chance to be yourself in a safe, genuine space, discovering what you choose to explore while finding unique solutions to problems and challenges you are currently facing. My clients describe me as warm, caring, knowledgeable, and genuine and often tell me they feel like they learn something new in every session. Depending on the client and the focus of therapy, I utilize my clients’ dreams as a tool to help them gain more self-awareness and to move them towards self-actualization. I also use hypnotherapy in my practice and provide my clients with research-based practical tools they can use in their everyday life to manage anxiety, depression, and stress, improve their relationships, and maintain healthy, balanced lives.

I consider myself an interactive therapist. In other words, I am not the type of therapist who would only listen to you and nod during the entire session. I am an active listener and engage with my clients by coaching them to align their thoughts, feelings, and actions in order to understand themselves better and move forward to enjoy the changes they wish to see in their lives. Although I believe in empowering my clients to value themselves and feel confident in making choices, I am not afraid of sharing my opinion and giving direct advice and guidance when necessary. I also use humor and believe in the healing power of humor in the process of therapy. My clients often report looking forward to their therapy session and feeling happier, more clear, and whole as a result of coming to therapy.

Overall, I see therapy as an opportunity to take a bird’s eye view of your life, with the flexibility of focusing on what needs attention. You may choose to visit your past in order to heal wounds you have never tended in order to continue on your journey, stronger and healthier or you may choose to focus on your present, maximizing your ability to make powerful choices that determine the course of your future. I am committed to helping you achieve your goals for which you seek therapy while offering a space in which you can discover, learn, and grow.

*Above quote from William Jennings Bryan